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about us

about us


favorite food: pizza 

favorite dessert: warm apple pie

(hold the apples) with ice cream 

favorite drink: sweet, warm milk 

favorite color: turquoise 

favorite animal: elephant 

favorite person: gabbi 

morning person or night owl: both

super power: turning everything into a joke

favorite place: Japan and Tenerife tied at first place 


favorite place: under a hood 

go-to travel accessory: gerber multi-tool 

favorite food: macaroni and cheese

favorite season: spring

favorite time of day: brunch

hidden talent: making a mean cuppa

guilty pleasure: orbit sweet mint gum (she

chain-chews a pack a day)

favorite band: johnnyswim and the careful ones

currently obsessed with: boda skins leather jackets

If I had to describe Alex using one word it would be impossible so I’ll start by choosing the word intense…but follow up with a much longer disclaimer.


So often, the word intense has a negative connotation, as if it’s an excess to undesirable proportions. Alex, however is all the best forms of intense wrapped up into one perfectly quirky individual. She works intensely, gives of herself intensely, loves intensely and most pertinently, travels intensely. From a young age, she has always had a love for travel. Along with being a serious pizza connoisseur and an avid runner, traveling is a part of her identity. It’s a cornerstone of who she is. 


She got the travel bug early in life, having taken her first vacation to Jamaica six weeks after she was born. With a mother from England and a father from France she was blessed with built-in excuses for travel from the get-go.


As a youngster, she was introduced to the concept of country hopping during a week-long road trip through several European countries thanks to our adventurous mother. We didn’t know it back then, but it’s likely that this experience had something to do with her "can't stop, won't stop" travel style. 


When Alex goes on a trip, its more than just that. It’s an adventure. An exploration of all a place has to offer whether that’s a small island off the western coast of Africa or the far east Island of Japan. She investigates every aspect of a space and absorbs its culture, its history, its landscape, its people.


For Alex, it’s all in the details which makes each destination distinctly perfect in its own way. 

-written by gabbi

She’s there. Standing in her Palladium boots, some worn, black skinny jeans, a loose-fitting, white top, and a baseball cap – front facing or backwards depending on her mood. The coolest, most practical backpack you have ever seen hangs on one shoulder and some reflective clubman sunglasses dangle from her temples. She’s got a venti Starbucks chai in one hand. And her passport in the other.


Gabbi was born with an unapologetic wit that only the cute and incredibly beautiful can get away with. Fortunately, she’s both.

She’s deliciously intellectual, smart and clever without pretentiousness and her resourcefulness is a saving grace that consistently withstands the test of virtually any situation.

If you’re driving down a volcano on a near empty tank of gas, make sure to go with a Gabbi. She’ll find you the nearest station.

If it’s 11 p.m. and you have a four-hour drive through desolate Icelandic terrain ahead, take a Gabbi with you. She’ll queue a playlist that beats any Red Bull and direct you home with her offline Google map.

If you need the perfect candid but don’t want it to be contrived, bring a Gabbi. At the end of the day, she’ll airdrop you 56 of the most instagrammable shots you didn’t even know she took.

If you’re in a Spanish-speaking country and you can’t seem to remember how to conjugate the verb hacer, bring a dictionary….which a Gabbi would already have – an offline version downloaded to her phone.

There’s this thing she does. Whenever we go to a place, she’ll pick out the most nondescript aspect of the scene – a rock, a ripple, a tree – something she’s convinced that no one has ever laid eyes on because of its insignificance in the grand scheme of the space, and she’ll claim it as her own. She’ll give it the attention that an unnoticed but simply beautiful speck would pine for, and she’ll mark it in her memory of cerebral geotags.

Gabbi – the most easy-going, rise-to-the-occasion, in-it-for-the-long-haul, adventure-seeking, forest-loving, baseball-cap-wearing, sunglasses-addict there is. 

-written by alex

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