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Churros y Chocolate

Dessert for breakfast the Tenerifian way.


Our hosts clued us in on a quintessential locale to get these crunchy desserts, which we decided to have for breakfast - Churrería El Kiosko. It’s a local’s spot, in coastal Candelaria, a kiosk right on the edge of the island with seating that has a 180° view of coastline and a chilly ocean complete with a local swimmer that apparently doesn’t share my opinion on cold swims. Definitely a sight worth getting up early for.

We picked a table with a view equal parts architecture and Atlantic Ocean while our friends ordered for us. We can speak a bit of Spanish, but as soon as there’s someone around who’s better, our brains shut off. A few minutes later, our orders were brought to the table. I asked for a café con leche with my churros and Alex opted for a hot chocolate. She’s not much of a café fan and didn’t want to order just leche in front of our new friends. After all, first impressions are everything.

The light and crispy churros made their debut, and they were slightly plainer than the finger food that I BEGGED for as a kid at Disney. No sprinkled sugar or cinnamon in sight.

Apparently, churros varry. There are cultures that sprinkle sugar on them and even drizzle chocolate, fruits, sweetened condensed milk, etc. And some are served plain.

Oh, and they meant hot chocolate, not chocolate dip, which we kept expecting the waiter to bring over. A little more passable for breakfast than I imagined. See, ma? My nutritional choices are actually sound sometimes.

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