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Our 7 Airbnb Picks in Tenerife

A dream list of island accommodations.

#3 Casa el Búho

We ended up staying with friends in Tenerife but if we weren’t so fortunate, we would have considered booking a place through Airbnb.

For this trip, our Airbnb non-negotiables were price, wifi, and hometype - no shared accommodations. We would want the entire place to ourselves. Location was also important, although since we had a car, we weren’t concerned about getting around.

According to the site, the average price is $77 per night. We would want to stay at or below that.

1. Villa with a terrace to die for, Icod de los Vinos - from $64/night


2. Cave House - need we say more?, Santa Cruz de Tenerife - from $54/night


3. Casa el Búho, Icod de los Vinos - from $71/night


4. Studio near the ocean, Arona - from $50/night


5. A sunny loft, Aldea Blanca - from $42/night


6. El Arbol De Macadamia, San Cristóbal de La Laguna - from $49/night


7. Little cottage in the forest, Santa Cruz de Tenerife - from $62 /night (Unfortunately no wifi, but what a gem!)

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