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Signs of Vacation Withdrawal

The plague of wanderlust postponed.


Sólheimasandur plane wreck, Iceland

When you love traveling as much as we do, the thrill of the trip reverberates for a few weeks until you're back at square one, itching to get away again. Adventure is just beyond the horizon and you're not chasing it if you're not on a plane, boat, bus, or in a car, right? Alright, let’s check you out. A person suffering from vacation withdrawal will exhibit a combination of symptoms. To be diagnosed as such, you must exhibit at least 5 of the following:


1. You daydream of the breathtaking views you saw and the epic excursions you tried.

Aberystwyth, Wales

2. You have a general loathing for your immediate surroundings. They’re just too...familiar.

3. You get a tinge of jealousy when you hear of other people’s travels.

4. But you feel guilty because you know your last trip was only a month ago.

5. You go through your camera roll like it's an Instagram feed, wanting to double tap EVERYTHING.

7. You start following tons of wanderlust Instagram and Pinterest accounts – including ours hopefully.

8. You check airfarewatchdog, kayak and sky scanner as often as you check Instagram just to see what deals are on… just in case.

9. You review the popular Instagram accounts local to your last destination and think, yep been there, and there, saw that, and... wait what about all this??

10. If you hear someone is going to a place you’ve been, you're suddenly the expert with a tip for everything.

11. You find yourself on Amazon looking for a waterproof phone case for your next adventure - whenever that may be – because underwater shots are the business.

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12. You still haven't unpacked your bag(s) from your last vacation.


If you suffer from any of these symptoms, don’t bother seeking help, you're a goner. Wanderlust has no cure besides wandering. So while you save up for your next trip, find a corner in your town, city, or even neighborhood and explore it with new eyes. You’d be surprised how much fun a staycation can be. What would a tourist do if they were visiting your town?

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